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Happy Spring!  It is so good to be past the cold weather and to see all the signs of new life around us.  And it is with new life in mind, that we want to share a participant’s story with you.     

Mia was diagnosed with a concussion.  At the time, she had spent a few days in darkness and quiet, “healing” as instructed by her doctors.  As she slowly rejoined the world, she realized that she still remained confused and she struggled with simple things in life; most of which we take for granted.  She often could not keep up with conversations, television shows, or reading, a favorite past time.  Remembering things became more and more difficult.  This lead to feelings of inadequacies and she withdrew, not wanting to go out alone where she had to navigate the confusing world on her own.

Mia attended a Day of Reflection and heard a speaker relay a story not too different from her own. Through this and the support, patience, and encouragement of the people she met at Jesus House, Mia has realized that she will not be the same: she should not hold onto who she was but understand that she is different now.  Mia has a “new life” and with it she has a deeper faith and trust in God.  Spring, especially our Easter season, is about new beginnings and hope.

We are asking you to help us spread Mia’s message of hope, new life and spiritual growth.   For years, Jesus House’s mission has focused on outreach and service, providing opportunities for spiritual enrichment, healing and growth in an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, peaceful and prayerful.  Please help us continue our mission and serve the hundreds of people that visit Jesus House each year.  

Helping is easy, by participating in our annual raffle; you will touch someone’s life.  You can purchase raffle tickets online or by stopping at Jesus House! Tickets must be purchased before June 1, 2018.  Winners will be drawn and announced at the June 13th Board of Directors Meeting and notified by email or phone.  

There is hope and that hope is you!

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