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Dear Friends,

A Happy and Blessed Easter Season to you and all your loved ones!  
It is so good to be finally past the cold weather and to see all the signs of new life around us.  

And it is with new life in mind, that we want to share a recent happening at Jesus House.   
Carter was attending a high school Kairos retreat.  During individual reflection time, Carter approached one of our staff and asked for tools.  His request was simple; he was praying the Stations of the Cross and came upon one that needed repair. His reason, not so simple: he said that he too had felt abandonment like Christ, and at this retreat, on Jesus House grounds, he was just beginning to heal.  He wanted to repair the station as a symbol of his healing and a message of hope.

We are asking you to help us spread Carter’s message of healing, hope, new life and spiritual growth, as we continue to serve the hundreds of people that visit Jesus House each year.   
For years, Jesus House’s mission has been to provide a sacred space for many, with an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, peaceful and prayerful.  

Please help us to continue our mission of joyful evangelization, spiritual growth, hospitality and service, by participating in our annual raffle.

Simply fill in the simple form below, indicate the number of tickets you want, and then hit "Donate" to get your "digital tickets",  no later than June 1, 2017.
Winners will be drawn and announced at the June 14th Board of Directors Meeting and notified by email or phone.  

And whether you win or lose, your donation provides opportunities for others to find healing, hope and spiritual growth at Jesus House. 

Many Blessings,

Angie and Chris Malmgren (founders of Jesus House) & Eileen Gaus, Executive Director

Suggested Donation for Raffle Tickets

$25 each

$50 for 3 tickets

$100 for 8 tickets

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First Prize $1000 Cash

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Basket of Cheer

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Third Prize    
Yoga Basket with Lessons


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