Six Steps in the Journey of Faith with Dr. Tom Ashe

Consider your faith journey as you become familiar with  the 6 C's of faith: Call, Conversion, Covenant, Celebrate, Consolations, and Commission.  "All life is a journey towards a future goal.  Ultimately it is a journey towards death and life after death.  More immediately it is a journey towards a fuller experience of the Kingdom of God upon earth.  Another way of expressing it is that it is a journey towards holiness and wholeness, towards spiritual and psychological maturity."  Chester P Michael.  

Dr. Thomas Ashe’s focus in life is on spiritual growth and doing “the greatest good for the greatest number of people”. He has a strong background in serving people through the natural healing arts; emphasis on resolving obstacles for healing and growth in the areas of body, mind, spirit and emotions.  Beginning with a career in chiropractic care, he opened Ashe Chiropractic Offices in Wilmington, Delaware in 1977. After 28 years, he was called to a new mission and in 2005 became the Spiritual Retreat Co-Director for The Well Retreat Center in Smithfield, Virginia. He successfully operated the retreat center, providing Spiritual Direction, and developing and leading spiritual retreats. While there, he developed a two year school on Spiritual Direction.  In 2014, he moved to Florida and he continues to lead retreats.  “I think a retreat experience helps a person have a personal relationship with God.  I think in doing that, it helps us to change.  If you are alone with God, and if you have a hunger and thirst, then a lot of things happen.  God shows us a lot of different things."

Registration: Cost is $40 per person which includes lunch. Sign up below or call our office at 302-995-6859 to register. Lunch is included in the price.  

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