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Ignatian Discernment: Understanding God's Call with Fr. Nicholas Amato

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Father Nicholas Amato will lead us in discussion and reflection on Ignatian Discernment.  

We live in a world that tells us where we need to have achieved in order to be considered successful. This message is conveyed relentlessly through our media and culture. Whether one has achieved successes or failures, one wonders, “Have I arrived? Is this all there is?” You and your friends are invited to a day of recollection focusing on how we might better discern God’s will for us. We will learn three methods for discerning God’s will, be able to distinguish methods we have used to make decisions in the past, and to use a specific method for determining God’s will with regard to the future. Join us for this day of reflection to better understand where, through the events of your life, God is drawing you.

Topics to think about:

Ø  To recall the stepping stones in my own spiritual life

Ø  To consider the 3 ways that Ignatius used to understand God’s will for him

Ø  To better understand how I have used each in making my decisions

Ø  To better understand where God is calling me


The Flow of the Day

9:30    Fellowship
10:00  Session 1: Ignatius' Life and Development of Discernment
12:15    Personal Silent Reflection or Mass in the Chapel  
            (There is a weekly Public Mass on Tues)
12:45   Lunch
1:15      Session 2: Ignatius' 3 Situations of Discernment
2:15     Break and Reflection Time
2:45    Session 3: Applying My Stepping Stones in Life to Ignatius' 3 Situations
3:30    Closing

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Fr. Nicholas Amato

Father Nicholas is a priest of the Archdiocese of Baltimore and has been ordained 48 years. He has served over 20 of them as a pastor. Father is a graduate of the Shalem Institute and has done three-month sabbaticals in Rome, in Israel, and at Mepkin (Trappist) Abbey in South Carolina. He served as adjunct faculty at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington and also on the Spiritual Formation staff at St. Luke Institute in Silver Spring. He leads contemplative directed retreats at Mepkin Trappist Abbey in South Carolina, and was Executive Director of its Priest Wellness Program. In addition to his retreat ministry, he has published two books: Living in God’s Presence: Contemplative Prayer and Contemplative Action and this year, Moving from Stress to Joy. He has Masters degrees in Counseling and in Theology, and a Doctorate in Educational Management.

Registration: Cost is $40 per person which includes lunch. Feel free to arrive at 9:30 am for registration and beverages. The program begins promptly at 10 am. Sign up below or call our office at 302-995-6859 to register. Lunch is included in the price.  

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