Jesus House – Our Story

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The Call

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1975 - Today

“For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”  (Isaiah 56: 6-7) 

Angie and Chris Malmgren sensed a call to a more active ministry, and after seeking God’s direction from Father Hanley, asked God for a sign. The next day Chris was presented with a sales opportunity, which provided him with $75,000 in net commission to invest in the Lord’s work.  The search for the “house of prayer for all peoples” began and the property on Milltown road was purchased. 

1971 - 1974

Many volunteers helped prepare the grounds for its first retreat on July 19th


The Covenant

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1975 – 2015

Forty Years of Unshakable Faith

"Everyone who comes here mentions the same phenomenon.  There is a tremendous peace which is felt the moment a person steps onto the grounds.   It seems like just a little fragment of God’s peace is here.  Of course, we will never know what each person took away from here and where the grace has gone and what the Lord has done with it.”     Issy

“The “special” part of the Jesus House, I have come to realize, is the unshakable faith of Chris and Angie.  Theirs is a courageous faith, an expectant faith, lived in the certainty of God’s faithfulness.  Forty years of faithfulness, forty years of walking across deserts and through raging waters, forty years of seeing and serving Jesus in one another as we move towards the Promised Land.  Jesus House has a future and only God knows what it is.  Just so, the bumblebee has been around a long time defying logic and the laws of gravity.  I trust, in God, that the Jesus House will continue to do likewise.”    Frank


The Community


A Sacred Space for Spiritual Seekers

“Jesus House, to me, seems to be a temporary, pass-through place of love and peace where we - weary travelers in life - can find rest, and the reassurance that there is a loving, caring God who comes to us and helps us through other people.  Jesus House is that place.”  Drew

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Jesus House Volunteers

“We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them…if service, in our serving…. He who gives aid, with zeal;  He who does acts of mercy, with cheerfulness.”  (Romans 12: 58)


High School Retreats

Young men and women from high schools in Delaware and Pennsylvania find that Jesus House is a place that supports their faith growth and spirituality.


Creating Spirit-inspired Connections

Through Days and Evenings of Reflection, Prayer Services and Masses, Retreats and Outreach, Jesus House continues its mission of joyful evangelization, spiritual growth, hospitality and service. 


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